~Pre-Purchase Beer share Punchcard~


~Pre-Purchase Beer share Punchcard~


Help get Fogtown off the ground by pre-buying pints!

Each beer share punchcard represents a pre-purchase of 10 Fogtown pints. With the first pint claimed, you get half-off an additional drink for a friend. While you hold this punchcard, every growler you fill will be 10% off. 

Your beer share purchase will not only support Fogtown as we complete our brewery and perfect our recipes, but will also go toward our arts and music series, where we'll host events highlighting local and traveling artists and musicians in our space. 

FREE SHIPPING - Be sure to enter a current mailing address at check-out so we can mail you your card(s).

MULTIPLE CARDS - Buy more than one, and we'll throw in some stickers and other curious items.

Buy 5 or more, and we'll throw in a free Fogtown Pint Glass 

Buy 10 or more, and we'll throw in a glass AND a custom Fogtown T-Shirt


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Beer shares do not expire, but we cannot replace your punchcard if you lose it. 

Fogtown Brewing Company expects to be fully licensed and operational by the end of October, 2017. But if we are delayed in opening, we have to ask that you bear with us. We will get you your pre-purchased beer only when it is legally sellable, and when our master brewer, lab and tasting teams deem that it is of the highest quality.